About us

The Pierres d’Histoires vocation

It was in Scotland, in the midst of wet moors and sheep running around free, on tiny path bordered by stones, that the idea of Pierres d’Histoire started in the mind of Dominique Imbert, the founder. 


At the time, invited by English friends, he made a short stay at Old Place of Monreith, a small country squire manor with old stones, worn smooth over the centuries  where he was warmly welcomed within in a simple and authentic way. In this countryside and in this house, time seemed suspended!  Questions asked, he found out that the manor had been saved and managed by the Landmark Trust.

In the United Kingdom, this organization raises funds to restore abandoned buildings so as to give them a new vocation by renting them out to vacationers.

A real fan of old stones, worried about the future of our heritage and profoundly impressed by his experience in one of the houses of Landmark Trust, Dominique Imbert decided to elaborate the idea in France.

The Pierres d’Histoire venture starts in 2013 with the simultaneous salvage work of the Hameau , of the Parc of Courances, of the Moulin of Pézenas in the south of France, and of the De Ravenoville Estate in Normandy. To date, sixteen houses have been saved, renovated  and opened to guests.

Strengthened by his success and the exceptional support of his guests, Pierres d’Histoire continues its vocation in saving abandoned historical houses. To give back to them life and to turn them into exceptional and yet accessible places combining comfort, elegance and modernity.

Our commitments


We are the garantors of respecting the history of our houses. On each of our work sites historians, archeologists, specialized architects and traditional craftsmen work hand in hand to restore these historical sites without impairing them.


Thanks to detailed research and with the help of specialists, we are looking to reconstitute the history of these Houses. In each of them, a History Book is available, grouping together an important collection of documents concerning the history of the house and its region, as well as a detailed description of the restoration work.



We are partners with the Historical Monument Foundation, created in 2008 and recognized as public utility in 2018, so as to support their actions for protection of historical classified monuments, both public and private.

With this in mind, for every stay in one of our houses, we donate 10€ to the Foundation. Staying in one of our houses, is to live in an exceptional place for a few days and help a cause too.


By making these past marvels relive, we are working for future generations. Fully conscious of the impact of our movements for the future, we have placed sustainable development high on our priorities.

Enjoy the experience !

Staying in a house, in an exceptional place filled with history. 



In the park of an emblematic site or on the beaches of Normandy, at the edge of a river or in an English park, Pierres d’Histoire makes no compromise whatsoever in the quality of its approach, offering its guests a privileged setting for an exceptional experience.

Full of history, sometimes witness to a  life full of splendors or of hard labor, keeping  probably some deep secrets, our houses are always places that seem suspended in both elegant and tranquile.

Manors, mills, dovecots, orange groves, stables, archways, craziness ….

Thanks to the backing of passionate owners and the savoir faire of dedicated craftsmen, these witnesses of the past are rehabilitated. They become places of modern living with a setting for a truly exceptional experience and yet keep their character. 

With the wish of respecting both History and savoir-faire, all our houses are rehabilitated with high-quality materials and architectural elements of their times. Furniture is chosen carefully and the interior decoration is a harmonious mix of traditional and modernity. And because it is often the little things that make an experience unique and memorable, Pierres d’Histoire thinks of every detail: pretty plates for dinner, a fireplace ready to be lit during those cold evenings, an ideal library or board games for you to relax with.

Available in each place, the house manager is our first ambassador and a guarantee of a flawless welcome. Careful, attentive to the well-being of her guests and the smooth running of the stay, she welcomes our guests upon their arrival, shows them the house and is attentive to their needs all through their stay.

To make the stay even easier and more pleasant, we offer you a variety of services, to be chosen at your pleasure : breakfast served to your room, prepared meals delivered to the house, private chauffeur, well-being center*.

*available in a certain number of houses

Allthorpe (Courances)

” Thank you so much for the most magical stay in La Pompe ! We wish we could stay longer. It was worth the considerable effort to get here without a car all the way from Australia. What a privilege to stay in the grounds of the magnificient château. The Japenese Garden is the most beautiful garden I have seen in my life. This incredible place will be part of me for the rest of my life. I celebrated my birthday here, what a wonderufl memory ! “

Michael B. (Ravenoville)

” This a lovely house , perhaps the most lovely place I have ever stayed. For my first trip to France, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Many thanks !”

F & I (Le Moulin de Pezenas)

“Inutile d’aller chercher plus loin la définition du paradis !
Un balcon sur le fleuve, le bruit du vent dans les arbres, le murmure de l’eau…et le moulin comme une citadelle dont la seule mission serait de veiller sur cette nature sereine. On ne veut pas en bouger, plus en partir non plus.

Mamité ( Le Manoir de Ravenoville)

« S comme Splendide

U comme Utopie … réalisée

P comme Prodigieux

E comme Extraordinaire

R comme Rêve réussi »